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Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment
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Economic Empowerment:

Because of the blockade imposed on Gaza, the numbers of poor families are increasing rapidly. UFA tried to find a good way to help poor families. Therefore, it managed to help them through funding microfinance small projects to be self-sustained. UFA provides the poor families with the small enterprises to be able to get their needs with focus on enterprises for rural women, persons with disabilities and youth of poor families. This program was designed to alleviate poverty and improve the social and economic situation in the Gaza Strip.

The program also designed to improve the lives of orphans through the provision of cash, material, and psychological support. Orphans are considered the poorest standing in society and they are in need for endlessly support and care. Therefore, UFA pays great intention to orphans and provides them with many services through:

1. Providing psychological, education, social and medical services.

2. Providing the orphans with an amount of money for their school expenses.

3. Distributing Eid (feast) gifts for the orphans families.a