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new Home Full of Warmth and laughter

Wed 11 Jul 2018 10:48 am JERUSALEM GMT


 new Home Full of Warmth and laughter.
Hani Abed one of the HEALTHY HOME and LIVING ENVIRONMENT project’s beneficiaries. 
A 45-year-old unemployed poor father with eight children from five to 15 years old. He lives in a tiny house, just 30 square meters, with little furnishing.
The children share the single bedroom - their only bedding is mattresses and thick blankets. The parents sleep on the bad bed outside the house.
"No one can afford to get sick in this house because our finances are too tight. It's quite tough and a struggle for me to be raising them up," He said.
“We are tending to suffer more than others from the harsh conditions during the winter season due to our house bad situation” He added.
“There are no doors or windows in this house, and the cold weather gives me frostbite each night, “Hani shares. “There is only three blankets, and at night my children and I sometimes warm ourselves by hugging and crying. We live our life with no clothes and with no hope, and here we are living, and suffering” He told us by his tears.
As the seasons began to change, the colder weather became a concern for the health of their children, and then rain flooded their home. Hani explained that they “had nothing prepared for winter — no clothes, blankets or means of heating.”
The Unlimited Friend Association Implemented rehabilitation project, that funded by The Islamic Relief which made the family's home livable by constructing a working kitchen, and adding a heathy bathroom, doors, plaster and safe electrical wiring. They also received a home appliances including a gas heater with a three-month supply of fuel, Washing Machines, and gas jar for the entire family, and two mattresses.
The wife expressed happily, “The additions to our home will promote the quality of our life, and our children can play unrestrained in a warm, healthy and clean house — that would never have happened without the rehabilitation.”