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Reach Education Fund Delegation visit.

Tue 10 Jul 2018 12:57 pm JERUSALEM GMT

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Reach Education Fund Delegation visit.
In the beginning of July 2018 a delegation of Reach Education Fund Mr. Waleed the executive director in America, and Mr. Mohammed Abu Zaida the principal in Gaza visited the Unlimited Friends Association for social development in the center of Gaza.
Mr. Jomaa Khadoura , and Mr. Ahmed Mansour Received the delegation, and they were the representative of the UFA association.
the visit allowed the members of the delegation to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the situation in Gaza.
The delegation had three specific aims, Primary Purpose to support the Education Process in Gaza, and supporting the pioneer students of the vulnerable families.
Secondly,This visit comes to see how the implementation of projects funded by Baitalkhair association in America where some of charitable projects were visited including water distribution in central Gaza at Al sawarha area where the delegation participated in distributing water to the poor families.
The delegation thanks the Unlimited Friends Association for developing and coordinating a visit program that ensured the safety of delegates