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Distributing the Orphans Sponsorship

Tue 25 Oct 2016 10:31 am JERUSALEM GMT

Distributing the Orphans Sponsorship

Unlimited Friends Association started distributing the orphans sponsorship on Monday, as each orphan received $150 on three months, knowing that Baitulmaal AHED, USA sponsoring those orphans through this program in order to meet their basic needs. Adding to that Al-Awda factory owner is contributing in sponsoring 30 orphans. 
The program manager , Mohammed Abu Mustafa mentioned that the orphans receive an amount of $150 every 3 months , as UFA works too hard to serve those orphans through such program that funded by Baitulmaal AHED. 
Further, that project comes to alleviate the burden on those orphans who lost their fathers during the last war on Gaza, where UFA will carry on distributing aids and sponsorship for those orphans and it will seek to serve more orphans through other programs. 
In the end, those children are thankful and grateful for helping them through such hard times

Source : UFA